Blog Launch Giveaway Part 5 - Halloween Sentence Sorting Cards

Today is the fifth day of my blog launch giveaway series and I hope you are doing a happy dance with me! Today I bring you Halloween Themed Sentence Sorting Cards. Many of my students this year are struggling to write sentences independently. I created a resource to help them form a sentence by putting the cards in order. I usually teach the strategy during small group intervention, followed by weekly literacy centers for extra practice.

Scrambled sentence card

The lesson begins by mixing up all the cards in the sentence. Depending on ability level, I will mix anywhere from one to four sentences together.

Scrambled sentence card

Students can either work with a partner or independently to put the picture cards in order to form the sentences.

Sentence cards sample

After sorting, students use their writing recording page to copy the sentences. This provides a visual for my struggling readers and writers to copy. This also gives me a quick glance at their capitalization, spacing, proper letter formation, and ending marks. You can grab my Halloween Sentence Sorting Cards here. You can also check out my Scrambled Sentences Writing Formation Activity for my rainbow colored scrambled sentence cards.

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