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March Classroom Discussion Ideas

The image shows a photo of a classroom discussion prompt card to use in the month of March.

After the shooting that happened at a Florida high school this month, I realized just how important it is to hold daily classroom discussions that encourage reflection in my classroom. My students NEED TO KNOW they are safe, loved and valued. They need to know that they are important.

As I created my March set of reflection prompt cards, I included several prompts to really open up discussions in your classroom. I want my students to know that there is hope in the world. We will be discussing what it means to have their own voice. I want my students to feel empowered to change issues within our community, so we will be discussing a change they want to see in our country. We will also discuss the steps it will take to make this change. I am also super excited to discuss tolerance this month. Since I teach first, this is a word that will likely be unfamiliar, but I want them to build a spirit of tolerance in our classroom.

Later this month, we will also be changing it up and discussing what it would be like to be a leprechaun for a day. My students are young and sweet and I want them to know they can have fun while learning! I hope this post has inspired you to hold some meaningful discussions with your class this next month. If you need a place to start, click here to grab my March Reflection Prompts cards from my TpT store. You can also grab my year-long Reflection Prompt Card BUNDLE to keep your students reflecting all year long! Happy learning this March!

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