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October Reflection Prompt Cards

October Reflection Prompt Cards

Reflection in the classroom is an important part of learning. When we take the time to allow our students to reflect during the school day, it gives them a chance to soak in all that they learned that day. This year, I am closing each school day with a closing circle where we discuss and reflect on important topics in the lives of my students.

As we work our way through October, we will be discussing some of my favorite topics such as:

I created a set of October Reflection Prompt Cards so that all I have to do is grab a card and I am ready to start our closing circle. I keep all of my cards on a ring so all I have to do is grab a card and go! I am learning so much about my students through these quick discussions and the year has only begun! You can also grab my entire year Reflection Prompt Card Bundle in my TpT store.

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