How to Plan Toddler Activities - The Complete Guide

Are you looking to plan activities for your toddler? Well you are in the right place! I know how challenging it can be to plan activities that will hold your child’s attention, while also having fun!

I created this guide to give you lots of activity ideas that you can quickly implement with your little ones. You’ll learn about how to choose a theme based on your child’s interests. Then, you will create a daily routine for your home or classroom based on the theme.

As part of this daily routine, we take a deep dive into 6 skill areas that you can focus on with your toddler:

A Look Inside the Guide


Each section of the guide reviews what each of the 6 skill areas are and why they are important for your toddler. Then, I share a variety of toddler activities for each skill area that you can do with materials you most likely have on hand already!

Planning Pages to Plan Your Week


After reading through all the activity ideas in the guide, you will find a toddler lesson planning page that you can use to plan your week. Just use each activity page in the guide for ideas and you will be on your way to a fun week of learning with your little ones!

If you want to grab all of the ideas, just sign up for the guide here and I will send it right over:


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